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Maiwand Bank providing Internet Banking facilities for customers.All account holders can avail "Internet Banking facility" to view their accounts online and download their accounts statements.

Internet banking has become a part of everyday life for many people. It is fast, convenient and you can bank at all hours of the day without having to wait in a queue. Unfortunately, the internet is not free from scams and scammers. Some scams are especially designed to take advantage of the popularity of internet banking and other online transactions that we commonly make.

Handy hints to keep you safe while banking online

By taking some simple precautions, you can take an active role in reducing the chance of being a victim of scams. As well as following these simple tips, check with your bank to see what precautions they recommend. You might be surprised how easy it can be to improve your level of security.

Bank on a safe computer

Install and regularly update anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall software on your computer. Avoid using public computers or internet cafes. You never know who could be watching and a scammer may be able to retrieve your details from the computer after you have finished using it. Always log out from your internet banking webpage when you have finished. Clear your browsing history.

Protect your personal details

Keep your banking information private,never tell your PIN or password to anyone. Choose a secure password with both letters and numbers,avoid using any obvious giveaways such as your date of birth, part of your name, address or your pets. Change it regularly.
Do not use the same password for multiple purposes,make sure you have different passwords for accounts with different banks and the other internet sites you visit. Do not just bin personal information and bank statements destroy them first.

Be suspicious of emails

A legitimate bank or financial institution will never email you asking you to follow a link or asking you for personal details. If you receive an email that you think may be genuine, telephone your bank or financial institution to let them know about the email and ask their advice.
If you receive a call from someone who claims to be from your bank and says your account been defrauded or they have seen a suspicious transaction, you should ask for their name and number, and say you will call them back. Check the number they give you against the number you normally contact your bank with. It could be a legitimate security check.

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For more information contact: 0093-0703000016 or Email: enjoy Banking convenience.

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For more information contact: 0093-0703000016 or Email: enjoy Banking convenience.

SMS Banking

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Maiwand Bank providing Sms Mobile Banking facilities for valued customers. Maiwand bank has been bringing innovative banking ideas of its customers and mobile banking is one of them. Visit the Bank. This facilities provided to all valued customers. Using the mobile banking facilities of maiwand bank ,you can check your Bank Account Balance and check last transaction in your account as mini account statement to do so.

1. Send SMS B **** to 2299 for Balance Enquiry.
2. Send SMS M **** to 2299 for Mini Statement.
**** is 4 digit pin code for SMS Banking.

For more information contact 0093-0703000016 or Email:

Call Center

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Maiwand Bank providing call center facilities for customers. call center provides all the information about the updates in bank. receiving queries from customers. solving customer banking problems.


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Maiwand became the member of SWIFT within a short span of a month from the date of its operations. Maiwand Bank, with the SWIFT facility, is able to provide international remittance facilities. Maiwand Bank has been able to exchange the SWIFT keys with international banks for the purpose of establishing Letters of Credit and other related products. We have built in AML compliance filtering software installed in our SWIFT connectivity to ensure the strict compliance of AML.
SWIFT transfer (SWIFT) is an easy and fast way to transfer money from abroad. It is a direct, bank-to-bank transaction. The bank that transfers the funds sends the printed instruction for payment to your bank in your country. The instruction is processed and funds made available to the recipient intended

We are offering following three types of guarantees

What are the details that customer should provide the bank handling the money transfer?
The details of our bank's account number Other details (like SWIFT Address) Name of the recipient of the funds Recipient's account number The branch where the account is maintained

What information should customer provide to recipient bank to trace the transaction in case of delay?
Date of money transfer Currency and Amount Name of the bank handling the transfer (Your banker) If the bank that is handling the transfer has enabled the transfer through another bank, the name of that bank should also be specified. The details of the fund transfer to our account The SWIFT address to which the message has been sent (if any) Reference numbers if any.

1. Maiwand bank is a authorized member of SWIFT community.
2. Customer can send and receive money from across the globe, at minimal charges.
3. Maiwand bank SWIFT code (MWBKAFKA).

For any further clarification you may please contact

Deputy Chief Operations Officer
Mr. Ahmad Jawid Azizi
Mobile :+93-703-000-100

Western Union

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Maiwand Bank became the member of the Western Union agent community to provide Western Union branded money transfer services by fastest and safest manner. Customer can send their transfer through western union with safe and full secured.

Master Card

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Maiwand bank introduced master card in Afghanistan. The process of branding all its cards with visa/master connectivity.

Using MasterCard

What is MasterCard Secure Code?
MasterCard Secure Code is a new service to enhance your existing MasterCard account. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop at participating online merchants.

How does MasterCard Secure Code work?
Once you've registered and created your own private Secure Code, you will be automatically prompted by your financial institution at checkout to provide your Secure Code each time you make a purchase with a participating online merchant. Your Secure Code is quickly confirmed by your financial institution and then your purchase is completed. Your Secure Code will never be shared with the merchant. It's just like entering your PIN at an ATM.

Where can I shop with MasterCard Secure Code?
To view a list of participating Secure Code merchants. Please check back periodically to see which new merchants have been added to the list. When buying from merchants who do not yet participate in Secure Code, you will still be protected from unauthorized purchases with Zero Liability from MasterCard.

How will the online merchant know that I'm registered for MasterCard Secure Code?
When you use a card that is enrolled in the MasterCard Secure Code program at participating online merchants, the merchant automatically recognizes your MasterCard card number during the transaction.

For more information please contact to : +93 777 700 300 / +93 703 000 505.


Services >> ADC

Maiwand bank is in the process to introduce more ATMS (Automated Teller Machine ) in Afghanistan. Our ATMs are of the high test standard fulfilling all your banking needs.

Customer having debit card to withdraw cash with help through ATM at their convenience.

How to use ATM (Automated Teller Machine )
1.Approach the ATM and read the screen or monitor for directions.
2.Insert or swipe your card through the ATM. Enter your PIN number and type in the amount you wish to withdraw. The bank's computer will then subtract that amount from your account, and the ATM will dispense the cash.
3.Collect your cash and remove your card from the ATM.
4.Get your receipt from the ATM. Verify your transaction was recorded accurately.

Account ID Card

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Maiwand bank Provides Account Id card for all valid customers. with the customer card customer can do all the banking transactions. enjoy our services


MB-Nostro Account Details

Services >> MB-Nostro Account Details



Details of Current Accounts with Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan.(Central Bank)

The bank is maintaining the following current accounts with Da Afghanistan Bank.

1. USD account with Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul

NOSTRO account Details
Routing Bank Details
Account Name Maiwand Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul
Account No 27289 (USD) 10920169
Bank Name Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul Citi Bank, New York

2. EURO account with Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul

NOSTRO Account Details
Routing Bank Details
Account Name Maiwand Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul
Account No 27290 (EURO) 400 870107000
Bank Name Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul Commerz Bank, FrankfFurt

3. AFGHANI account Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul

NOSTRO Account Details
Routing Bank Details
Account Name Maiwand Bank, Kabul, Afghanistan
Account No 9757 (AFN)
Bank Name Da Afghanistan Bank, Kabul


Internet Banking Mobile App


Internet banking Mobile app, the most comprehensive and secure Mobile Banking application, offers banking and informational services to take care of your daily banking needs conveniently from your smartphone. For easier accessibility we have made internet banking Mobile app available on Android.

Our customers are hugely benefited by its services and enjoy the convenience of banking on the go. Download MAIWANDBANK Mobile app today and experience what everyone is raving about. Download It from the Google Play Store.